Iz Good Stuff!

What does YogurtLab and Whole Foods have in common? Both carry Iz Cafe’s All Natural Granola! Wow, we’re humbled to be in such good company! And we’re proud to call Iz Cafe’s an exclusive topping as far as froyo places go.

YogurtLab recently caught up with Kay Reed, owner of Everything Iz, Inc. Of course, we asked her what makes her granola so out of this world. Though she wouldn’t spill all the beans, she did spill the nuts. Kay told us what makes it unique is that it’s chock full of  cashews, macadamias, pecans, walnuts, and whole and sliced almonds.

Add to the mix all natural oats, honey and organic coconut and you’ve got a topping we know you can’t resist! (We’ve been ordering it in 30-pound increments!)

Kay recommends putting All Natural Granola on Doc Chocolate or Viva Vanilla. She also says it’s an excellent topping on any of the Tart flavors or Strawberry Frenzy.

We’re willing to bet All Natural Granola Iz Good Stuff on just about any froyo flavor! Got any recommendations?


About YogurtLab

A self-serve frozen yogurt destination for families, friends and froyo lovers. Here, 16 fabulous flavors and over 40 select and exclusive toppings come together in one cool place. We like to call it "a culture like no other" where we encourage experimentation of our premium product line in a hip, creative environment that inspires community.
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