Top that!

You may have heard us say this before, but it’s worth repeating: At YogurtLab, we take our toppings seriously. That’s why we’re proud of our partnership with local fine food purveyors like Ashley Mac’s to bring you a selection of proprietary toppings. And these aren’t just any proprietary toppings … In Ashley’s case they’re her namesake! Some fun facts on each:

A pound of fresh strawberries goes into every Strawberry Signature Iced Cake Ashley makes! Ashley has fond memories of it as a child growing up when her mom made it. She has since taken her mom’s recipe and perfected it; today, she’s proud to call it “famous”! At YogurtLab, she recommends Strawberry Cake morsels with Cheesecake yogurt.

Triple Chocolate Brownies were the first delicacy when Ashley Mac’s opened a few years ago. Ashley describes them as a gooey, moist, fudge-y blend of three kinds of chocolate, including Ghirardelli. YogurtLab carries the crumbled version of Triple Chocolate Brownies. Ashley recommends them sprinkled on Peanut Butter yogurt which is back by popular demand! 

Coconut Cake, the latest signature iced cake on Ashley’s menu, was lovingly developed by Ashley at the request of her customers. The only secret we could get from Ashley on this decadent cake: “We toast our own coconut.” And of course, toasted coconut shavings can be found in the batter AND in the cheesecake frosting! Ashley recommends Coconut Cake morsels with Viva Vanilla.

Please, top and tell! What are you putting these gourmet toppings on at YogurtLab? And stay tuned … next up, Ashley shares a cookie recipe with YogurtLab!


About YogurtLab

A self-serve frozen yogurt destination for families, friends and froyo lovers. Here, 16 fabulous flavors and over 40 select and exclusive toppings come together in one cool place. We like to call it "a culture like no other" where we encourage experimentation of our premium product line in a hip, creative environment that inspires community.
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